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McMICHAEL OWNERS' GET-TOGETHER                               

At the Rally on 16th July, 2006.

Harry Hogg, G3NGX, whose McMichael Radio Ltd gazebo got blown away in the 'dust devil' which swept the rally field in 2005, no radios were damaged. Harry is proposing that other owners of McMichael sets bring their sets for the day for exhibition/demonstration and have a reminiscence of the old firm and the old man, himself.

Harry met enough ex-employees and owners last year to make it seem a good idea.
Generally, hams now have forgotten the critical part played by Leslie McMichael in our hobby, by experimentation and in founding the RSGB in 1913.

At one time, there was a McMichael museum, but now most sets are in the hands of private collectors. It would be interesting to know just how many survive into the 21st Century. One person is collecting serial numbers to help in establishing survival rate.

We hope to update this patch, as owners notify information. If it helps, anonymity can be given to published data.

HARRY HOGG, G3NGX, Send information by filling in the form below.

New McMichael Radio Web Site by Dave Cochrane  it has plenty of history and information

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